We've Moved Domains!

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After years of running our PondSuppliesUK.com website in parallel with our Aquacadabra website, we've decided to make a BIG change!

We've switched to a new domain name: http://www.aquacadabra.com/


Why are we doing this?

For a long time we've been managing two websites, splitting our time between them both. By combining both websites, we can focus our time on just the one, making it better!

  • Better product images and descriptions

  • More product and hobbyist information

  • Same great service

Why Aquacadabra.com?

You might not know this, but we're actually the largest retailer of Aquatic products on Ebay in the UK, with a Feedback rating of over 300,000 - under the name Aquacadabra.

We also trade as Aquacadabra on Amazon's Market place, and our warehouse and showroom are fully branded Aquacadabra.

As such, it seems sensible to swap AquariumSuperstore to Aquacadabra as well - so we have one consistent brand on all channels.


When will this happen?

It already has :-)


Thank You for Shopping on PondSuppliesUK.com

And finally, we just wanted to say THANK YOU for shopping on our PondSupplies website, and we look forward to seeing you at Aquacadabra.com. In the mean time, have a great week.


Kind Regards,